Benefits of gaming

5 awesome benefits of gaming your face off!!

Do not allow your grumbling loved one, moms and dads, kids, or task obstruct of one more hour of your mission to clear London of Templars, tackle unusual (yet acquainted) enemies on Sanghelios as well as Genesis, or hammer out a post-apocalyptic Boston– you’re merely doing it for our very own wellness.

That’s one method to consider, or validate traits, specifically if you’re an enthusiastic player. My friends who run window tinting las vegas have this stuff all figured out and i love it.

There’s a specific degree of preconception that is related to computer game– a preconception that has actually been around considering that video games themselves were developed years earlier, which has yet to entirely liquify. Though today’s video games are much more similar to interactive films than to anything like the video games of the 1980s and also ’90s, individuals that typically aren’t thinking about them still consider them to be absolutely nothing greater than a time sink; a childlike pastime or practice that some individuals never ever outgrew.

But, the video gaming sector ends up being larger and also far better, time after time. Youngsters are maturing with computer game on their computer systems, tablet computers, and also smart devices, not simply with gaming consoles. Knowing systems are being developed to simulate video games, and also there are an increasing number of favorable end results being associated with pc gaming compared to anybody would certainly have ever before believed feasible. Gamings are currently an innate part of our society, as well as there’s no indicator that they’re likely going to disappear anytime in the near future.

Fortunate for us gamers is that video games themselves in fact provide a myriad of health and wellness advantages– in sharp comparison to just what your moms and dads most likely informed you when you were a kid. So, currently you have a small amount ammunition to discharge when a person informs you that you’re playing way too much, or when you listen to that well-known line, “you’re losing your mind playing those stupid games.”

Let them return to enjoying the Kardashians, as well as you absorbing the wellness advantages that computer games provide, consisting of the following 5.

They boost your memory

They increase coordination

They are good for cognitive health

They can reduce stress and mental anguish

And finally they can sharpen your decision making


Have a career in video games

Parents fret that their youngsters are playing way too many computer games could have to reconsider their point of view. At the very least one college strategy to supply scholastic scholarships for e-athletes, individuals that play affordable computer game.

The College of The golden state, Irvine, revealed Wednesday that it will certainly supply as many as 10 scholarships to pupils on its e-sports group. UC Irvine is introducing a significant e-sports campaign in the autumn, the very first of its kind at a public research study college.

The effort consists of a modern sector furnished with premium video gaming Computers, a phase for “League of Legends” competitors as well as a real-time webcasting workshop, which will certainly be built at the UCI Pupil Facility. “Organization of Legends” is a multiplayer online fight field as well as real-time method computer game created by Trouble Gamings, currently a device of Tencent Holdings (TCEHY).

” UCI eSports will certainly be improved 4 columns: competitors, scholastics, enjoyment and also area,” Thomas Parham, vice chancellor for pupil events, claimed in a declaration. “We intend to draw in the most effective players from around the globe, and also our scholastic programs in computer system pc gaming scientific research, electronic arts, computer technology, design, sociology, legislation, medication, neuroscience and also actions develop a solid structure for study and also query pertaining to pc gaming.”

UCI currently is house to a committed pc gaming neighborhood. University Publication placed UCI the No. 1 college for players in 2015. A current study of UCI trainees located that 72% determine as players, and also 89% assistance the production of an e-sports group, the institution claimed.

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The video game scientific research major in the Donald Bren College of Info & Computer system Sciences is the biggest in the nation.

Los Angeles-based Trouble Gamings has actually vowed its assistance for the e-sports effort as well as will certainly collaborate with UCI to supply a costs “Organization of Legends” pc gaming encounter.

Customized pc gaming computer system manufacturer iBuyPower is furnishing the 3,500-square-foot eSports sector with 80 of its premium video gaming Computers filled with one of the most preferred computer game titles.

E-sports is a warm development location for computer game business. Significant video game authors Activision Snowstorm (ATVI), Digital Arts (EA) as well as Take-Two Interactive Software program (TTWO) have actually introduced their very own e-sports companies.

Article released from Investor’s Business Daily


The New Nintendo!!

If your adolescent years were during the mid-1980’s to the mid-1990’s like mine, then you will relate to exactly what I am talking about. Nintendo Baby! That’s right, Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Duck Hunter, and the list continues. Of course, there was not the myriad of games and different consoles as there is today, but it was a step up from Atari. I am so excited about this I can’t even tell you. In fact, when my sister and I were in both married and in our early 20’s, we were highly addicted to DK junior. I went to stay with her and her husband in North Dakota for a visit and we stayed up playing for literally 20+ hours straight. One of the funniest times I can remember. We still reminisce about that weekend like it was yesterday. Who says video games can’t bring people together?

This fun in a box comes out November 11, 2016, and comes with 30 preloaded games. Some of my faves are:

  •       Donkey Kong
  •       Donkey Kong Jr.
  •       Pac-Man
  •       Mario Bros
  •       Super Mario Bros 1, 2, and 3

The best part of this great family fun is the price – $59.99! I am so getting one and I am going to force my 16 and 8-year-old to play with me. Just like my dad made me play his favorite games of pool, cribbage, and horseshoes.

It connects to your TV with an HDMI cable and even comes with that classic NES pad. You can also use a Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro on the system for two-player action, but the new NES pad will be sold separately for $9.99 as well.

Changing the topic, a bit, if you grew up in the early to mid-2000’s, you probably like more of the sh*t my teenager likes (I call it that and he calls Nintendo that, touché). His game of choice is Grand Theft Auto 5. He and his friends play online as a group and there is a lot of laughter and interaction. There is one thing about the new age of gaming…. online with others. It is a different generation for sure. He plays with friends in Montana while living in Las Vegas. I played with friends that were sitting right beside me, or I played alone.

I do have to add one last thought, please game responsibly. I mean it when I say that. Video games can have a way of sucking the real world right out of you. If need be, set a timer. Otherwise, you will get lost in the video world and the next thing you know you’ve been playing for 3 days straight, your wife has left you, and you got fired from your job because you failed to show up. Believe me, this can happen to you.

Please play responsibly.

Peace out my friends.



Our Favorite Pasttime

What Happened To The Old Days?


Video games are fun mom, that’s what I do to pass the time when I am bored”. These are the words of my 16-year-old son. This leads to me to a question, why is everyone so bored all the time?

When I was younger there was no such luxury as being bored. Growing up, I did not have a lot of luxuries. For instance, I did not have cable TV, or color TV, and I lived in the country. Not that any of these are bad things, just different than most kids my age. The most beautiful part is that I lived in the country. My video game was going outside and roaming the hills, exploring the creeks, and discovering nature. It was something I got lost in exploring the way my kids get lost in technology.

This actually leads me to the newest phenomenon, the Pokémon craze. It was somebody’s crazy idea to combine video games with exercise. Although I don’t disagree with this idea, I don’t think it was planned out for the most part. Yes, you are up walking around and yes it is mostly in parks. The problem is no one is enjoying the park. They are completely oblivious of their surroundings since they are staring at their phones and missing out on the whole point of the parks, which is NATURE! We are talking to the point of oblivion, where people are walking out into traffic and getting hit or walking off a cliff in San Diego. Truth is that it doesn’t ending there. Here in Las Vegas, there have been several new reports of people getting into physical altercation over capturing these IMAGINARY creatures. I capitalize the word IMAGINARY because I can’t stress it enough. Video games are not real, people! Trust me when I tell you, I have witness this on so many levels first hands. Some people get so wrapped up in this imaginary world they lose sight of reality. What if people took their loved ones to the park just to look at the ducks, the sky, or the landscape.

I only mention these things because these are the facts. People forget people. They forget we are the common thread between one another. We are all humans and that is a big deal. The homeless guy you see on the street is every bit you, as you are him. There is a little bit of you in everyone you meet. If you like them, they are the parts of you that you like. If they irritate you, they are the parts of you that irritate you, and if they enrage you, they are the parts of you that enrage you. Anytime you encounter another human, whether they are playing Pokémon are not, look for the parts of them that you see in yourself and then embrace them or forgive them.

Go Pokémon go!  

My Passion

Jeff here, and I love to play video games….all the time!

I was raised in a household that played a lot of board games before video games were all the grand.

So I naturally am competitive because of all that “training”!! LOL

This website will be dedicated to anything related to gaming in 2016! Like Pokemon’ Go, Pc Gaming, etc..

I am a father of 3 wonderful children and own a very successful business here in Las Vegas that provides window tinting services for the greater Las Vegas Valley. We named the business We Tint Las Vegas because of…well that’s what we do.

Go check out our newly designed website at and feel free to give us some feedback on how we did.

Anyway, back to video games. I don’t have a lot of time to play, so when I get a spare minute….I GO ALL OUT!!

The kids and I will go down to the local parks and hunt for Pokemon’ while getting a bit of exercise as well. That’s fun and entertaining.

Another game I love to play is Planetside 2…the bomb!! Super addictive and I can play that game for 16 hours straight if I had the time…which i don’t.

So this is a little post about who I am and what I do.

Hope you enjoy future posts and visit frequently.