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What Happened To The Old Days?


Video games are fun mom, that’s what I do to pass the time when I am bored”. These are the words of my 16-year-old son. This leads to me to a question, why is everyone so bored all the time?

When I was younger there was no such luxury as being bored. Growing up, I did not have a lot of luxuries. For instance, I did not have cable TV, or color TV, and I lived in the country. Not that any of these are bad things, just different than most kids my age. The most beautiful part is that I lived in the country. My video game was going outside and roaming the hills, exploring the creeks, and discovering nature. It was something I got lost in exploring the way my kids get lost in technology.

This actually leads me to the newest phenomenon, the Pokémon craze. It was somebody’s crazy idea to combine video games with exercise. Although I don’t disagree with this idea, I don’t think it was planned out for the most part. Yes, you are up walking around and yes it is mostly in parks. The problem is no one is enjoying the park. They are completely oblivious of their surroundings since they are staring at their phones and missing out on the whole point of the parks, which is NATURE! We are talking to the point of oblivion, where people are walking out into traffic and getting hit or walking off a cliff in San Diego. Truth is that it doesn’t ending there. Here in Las Vegas, there have been several new reports of people getting into physical altercation over capturing these IMAGINARY creatures. I capitalize the word IMAGINARY because I can’t stress it enough. Video games are not real, people! Trust me when I tell you, I have witness this on so many levels first hands. Some people get so wrapped up in this imaginary world they lose sight of reality. What if people took their loved ones to the park just to look at the ducks, the sky, or the landscape.

I only mention these things because these are the facts. People forget people. They forget we are the common thread between one another. We are all humans and that is a big deal. The homeless guy you see on the street is every bit you, as you are him. There is a little bit of you in everyone you meet. If you like them, they are the parts of you that you like. If they irritate you, they are the parts of you that irritate you, and if they enrage you, they are the parts of you that enrage you. Anytime you encounter another human, whether they are playing Pokémon are not, look for the parts of them that you see in yourself and then embrace them or forgive them.

Go Pokémon go!  

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